How to Connect UE Speaker to Laptop (Windows and Macbook)

How to Connect UE Speaker to Laptop

Though it is more convenient to connect your UE Speaker or soundbar to an iPhone or Android and play music directly from your phone, you can also connect it to a laptop or pc. The built-in speaker on your laptop or desktop computer might not be enough to fill the room, or you may want …

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How to Connect UE Speaker to Google Home/Nest devices?

How to Connect UE Speaker to Google Home

Google Home or nest devices can be excellent voice assistants to control IoT devices in your home. They can play audio but the music experience on these devices isn’t that great. A dedicated soundbar or speaker offers better sound quality. Luckily, you can connect your UE Boom or Megaboom to Google home/nest devices and control …

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How to connect Ultimate Ears Speakers Together?

How to Connect Ultimate Ears Speakers Together

There are many reasons why people might want to connect their Ultimate Ears Boom and Mega Boom Speakers together. Maybe you want to create a stereo effect and have a louder sound coming from your UE speakers, or maybe you are at a party or beach and want to maximize the music experience for everyone …

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How to Connect UE Speakers to Alexa? (How it works)

How to Connect UE Speakers to Alexa

UltimateEars has for long supported Amazon Alexa. Many of its premium Bluetooth speakers, including the Boom 2 and Megaboom Series, come with built-in support for Amazon’s voice assistant. You can use voice commands on these speakers to ask Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, read the news, and more. However, the company later …

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How to connect Ultimate Ears Speakers to iPhone?

How to Connect Ultimate Ears Speaker to iPhone

There are many reasons why you might want to connect UE Speakers to your iPhone. Some people might find that the sound quality is better when they use external speakers, while others might just want to be able to share their music with other people. Whatever your reason may be, connecting your Ultimate Ears Boom …

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How to put the Ultimate Ears speaker in pairing mode?

Put Ultimate Ears speaker in pairing mode

In order to connect Ultimate Ears portable Speakers to a Bluetooth device, you will first have to make them discoverable. As the American-based company offers a range of wireless speakers, this extensive guide will help you put each one of them in pairing mode, so you can connect them to your smartphone, TV, Mac, or …

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Is iHome owned by Apple? (Answered)

iHome speaker on the black and white background

iHome is not owned by Apple. Founded in 2005, iHome is a consumer electronics company that specializes in developing and manufacturing iPod- and iPhone-compatible devices, including speaker docks, alarms, and other accessories. Who is iHome made by? SDI Technologies launched the iHome brand in 2005 as a flagship product of the company, which has over …

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How to Charge iHome speaker? (Detailed Guide)

How to charge ihome speaker

The iHome Speaker is a great way to listen to music and connect with others. The speaker has many features that make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite songs. It’s also portable, so you can take it anywhere. But there is a time when you might not be able to use the speaker. …

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How to Connect iHome Speaker (Step by Step Guide)

How To Connect ihome speaker

Quick Answer: Hold down the Bluetooth button on your iHome speaker for 2 seconds. It will start flashing blue light. Select your iHome speaker name on your device’s Bluetooth menu to complete the pairing. iHome produces one of the most affordable portable wireless speakers on the market. It is a versatile speaker that can be …

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How To Connect Soundcore Speakers Together (Explained)

Connect soundcore speakers together

If you’re looking for a way to boost your sound system, then you may want to consider connecting your Soundcore speakers together. This will give you an even better listening experience, and it’s easier than you may think.  In this article,  we’ll show you how to connect your Soundcore speakers together in just a few …

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How to Fix Anker Soundcore Speaker Not Charging?

Fix Anker Soundcore Speaker Not Charging

Anker Soundcore Speakers are a popular choice for people looking for good quality audio on a budget. I am a repeat buyer of the Anker Soundcore line and have had great experiences with them in the past. However, recently I have been having some charging issues with my Anker Soundcore 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. I …

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How to Connect Soundcore speaker with a Computer and Laptop?

connect soundcore speaker to laptop

While your Macbook or Windows Laptop might have wide access to media, they don’t necessarily have a solid integrated speaker for the best audio experience. Luckily, you can use a Soundcore Bluetooth speaker, or any other decent speaker, to fill in the gaps. Anker Soundcore Speakers can be paired with all Bluetooth-enabled devices including Smartphones, …

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How to connect Anker Soundcore speaker to Smart TV?

connect soundcore speaker to tv

With the advent of flat-screen televisions and streaming services like Netflix, we can enjoy TV in any room of the house. But what if you are looking to make your room your home theater using a Soundcore speaker, the Connecting process is not as hard as it seems. Bluetooth is the most common way to …

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Are Anker Soundcore Speakers Waterproof? (Explained)

soundcore speaker waterproof

No, Anker speakers are not waterproof. In fact, no electronic device on Earth is fully waterproof if you take the word literally: Zero chances of water passing through the protection seal no matter how deep you submerge the device, and for how long you keep it submerged. However, many of its speakers are water-resistant and …

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